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Public Housing Utility Allowance Change - Effective 1/1/2018


This publication is to serve as notice to the public of the change to the Public Housing Utility Allowance schedules, surcharges, and revisions related thereto. The basis for this revision is to update the existing schedules in conformity with existing utility rate charges assessed by local utility providers. The allocated allowance for utility usage by bedroom type has been changed due to a utility study prepared by National Facility Consultants, Inc. This change reflects the cost rate charged for consumption of such utilities.

The schedule of specific items and function of equipment by utility consumption used for the purpose of calculation may be examined and inspected upon request at Cocoa Housing Authority office. The Authority solicits your written comments regarding the changes. Please send your written reply by November 4, 2017 to: Mr. Herbert Hernandez, Executive Director of Cocoa Housing Authority, 828 Stone Street, Cocoa, FL 32922.